Of course, there are several things you can do.

  1. Insurance companies always leave room to negotiate the renewal presented to your advisor. Sometimes there can be as much room as 10%. It can depend on your advisor’s block of business with a carrier, his/her relationship with their rep and the…

‘Marty Mcfly’ by Rich Pellegrino


Marty Mcfly’ by Rich Pellegrino


Alright, I am not one to post anything other than design content. But I feel like it’s my duty as a friend to remind you to not text and drive. I hope that by posting this, it will saves someones life. Please, discipline yourself not to text and drive. 

Your life is worth more than just a simple text. Think about it…

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Book Production

Cut pages to dimension specifications and sewed them together. Basic binding stitch.

A diagram displaying how I cut the pages. This was using a 12x18 sheet.

Fabricated a useful cradle from some scrap foam board. This made puncturing the holes into the pages a lot easier (Thanks Reg).

Puncturing the pages using the cradle.

First attempt at a DIY perfect binding. Did not work for binding an entire book but may come in handy for other print projects.

Recent Book Spreads

Spread Updates “Give it a Second it’s Going to Space”

Taking Reg’s advice and rearranging the images to allow the book to build up to something.

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Rough Cover

Since my book discusses conceptual ideas about technology I decided to create abstract shapes that represent technology. Also, some body copy layouts. Comments?

Grid System

Formal grid system, emphasizing the text. Clear & readable.

Additional Inspirations

Additional imagery to support that branding of the book. Since I am talking about objects, technology and other devices I wanted to illustrate them(see pink objects with “GREVELINGEN”).

The typography should feel academic, informative and authoritative therefore the font should be condensed and sans serif. 


1. What might be some keywords to describe the manuscript?

2. What direction should be the visuals of the book take?

3.Any inspirational imagery that you can suggest for my book?